How do women choose the right sex toys? Let me help you!

How do women choose the right sex toys?

Nowadays, people in this society have a certain basis for their understanding of sex products, and of course, some people will not understand that these so-called sex products have been misunderstood:

  • what is the sex toy
  • What are the advantages of using sex products?
  • Will the use of sex products cause harm to the lower body?

Now let me dispel these doubts and misunderstandings for you! Let you know how women choose the right sex toys.

sex toy

Sex toys, sex products, adult toys generally refer to the use of equipment to help sexual pleasure or sex. Some emulate the touch of similar sexual organs. In addition, some sexual furnishings or small toys are also broad adult toys. Masochistic appliances are also often considered sex toys.

The above is basic knowledge, but also let you know what sex products are. Everyone in society has stress, whether in life, work, economy, communication, family and love, etc……, of course, it is not good to say that stress is not good, but we should properly relieve stress. There are many ways to relieve stress, including, of course, sex products.

Female masturbation is a way to promote physical health, to solve loneliness to meet their own needs, but also to release stress, in addition to releasing stress masturbation toys also has a lot of benefits.

The benefits of women using masturbation device:

1. No matter how the female self-comfort device is put, it will not be soft.

2. There is no need to run a pharmacy when using a female masturbation device.

3. No matter how old you are, you can buy a female masturbation device.

4. Female masturbation device does not need to care about any date and time and location.

5. When you don’t want to, you can throw the female masturbation device aside.

6. The length of the female masturbation device can easily reach 13.5 cm or more.

7. Female masturbation device never asks: how is it, how am I doing, have come or not?

8. The female masturbation device can be replaced at any time with its own happiness so that the function is more complete.

Proper masturbation is only good, no harm! And it can also be pleasant, comfortable, stimulate the body’s beneficial elements, regulate endocrine and increase blood circulation, etc., so there is no harm.


Cleaning, maintenance, and storage of the masturbation device:

The average adult toy is made of silicone and is a softer material. Proper maintenance is important because it can cause the gel to deteriorate, peel off or crack. After use, “toy” cleaning is required due to large amounts of secretions and lubricant residues. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause bacteria to grow.

1. Cleaning: rinse with warm water gently rub the main part with your fingers, remember to avoid the use of bath milk, soap, detergent. Wait for cleaning. Cleaners are usually alkaline, destroying a layer of oil that protects the surface of adult toys and causing silicone deterioration.

2. Wipe: After washing, wipe it off with a lint-free cloth or towel.

3. Maintenance collection: Remember to remove the battery. If the battery is placed in the masturbation device for a long time, it will cause the battery to corrode. Store the velvet bag or dust bag and store it in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight.

Pay attention!

1. Can not be shared by many people, it is easy to infect bacteria. (Use a condom if necessary! Keep it healthy)

2. Do not overuse, excessive use of masturbation will affect the sensitivity of sexual organs, which will lead to general pleasure without pleasure, can only be met with a masturbation device. (Of course,not everyone’s needs and balance are the same)

3. To use the masturbation device into the vagina or anus, use a water-soluble lubricant if you feel uncomfortable. (Do not get hurt by a sexual organ that can cause bacterial infection)

Here is my recommendation for a popular masturbation device that is popular with many people:

1. Tongue vibrator

Tongue vibrator

This is a unique vibrator made by LONOVE. It is made of high quality soft and smooth silicone material, just like the tongue of a lover.

LONOVE uniquely introduces this lifelike tongue vibrator, using high tide technology to simulate the sensation of sensation, which is very suitable for precise stimulation. The irritating sensitive part brings you an unprecedented mixed multi-orientation.

There are 10 different vibration modes that let you switch at will, giving you the most amazing sensory stimuli and multiple orgasms. (Water-based lubricant is recommended)

Easy to carry and USB charging, smooth and tasteless, quiet and whispering, and easy to clean it will be the best sex toy for couples and solo fun. (waterproof, but do not soak in water)

Recommended product links:

2.Rabbit ear masturbation device

This is a combination of rabbit ear masturbation designed from an ergonomic point of view, with a smooth and round front end and a pair of lovely rabbit ears, this popular rabbit ear by many women makes you elusive and pleasant.

Rabbit ear masturbation device

This rabbit ear masturbation device is made of 100% high quality soft, smooth and durable silicone material that does not cause skin irritation, is easy to clean and is very easy to insert. There are 9 different modes that let you switch at will, and let you better handle the comfort that suits you and enjoy the moment.

The waterproof function allows you to use the shower to enjoy the shower anytime and anywhere, and the silent vibration mode can be concealed. It has a perfect mute function. You don’t have to worry about the excessive volume of the impact, it is easy to carry and USB charging. The rabbit ear is definitely A must-have bedside or a masturbation device placed in your drawer.

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3.Realistic and super soft dildo

Realistic and super soft dildo

This realistic and soft simulation design dildo is suitable for beginners. The beginner dildo is made of reliable materials and can be safely and safely used with perfect positioning.

The design of the front end is very easy to bring in. If you are a beginner or are warming up, it is easy to insert and immerse in warm water before use to get a feeling similar to body temperature

The hands-free positioning function, the extraordinary suction cup is powerful enough to firmly fix the dildo in a suitable position, even if it is used frequently, it will always stand upright…

main feature:

✔ The 6.7-inch realistic dildo can be inserted into 5.2 inches, is the perfect size for beginners who want to try new things
✔ Realistic shape, defined head, and solid texture axis
✔Flexible shaft for diversification, satisfactory stimulation angle
✔ Exciting hands-free function on the suction cup base

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4.Bullet vibrator – vibrating egg

Bullet vibrator – vibrating egg

This is a rechargeable wireless bullet vibrator with a slightly curved body design that fits your natural curve for better control of the fun.

Made of medical silicone material, it is safe, non-toxic and tasteless, so you can experience this fun. And it’s small enough to carry around for all occasions. The small size but the vibration function is still in place. There are ten frequency vibration functions including vibration, beating, step by step, etc…, let you experience unprecedented stimulation and enjoyment…

The bullet vibrator has an independent remote control sharing function, you can use the remote control to easily convert the vibration mode, allowing you to use it naturally in any place. And it has an excellent silent vibration mode, so it is suitable for any occasion without worrying about disturbing others.

With 100% fully waterproof design, you don’t have to worry about using it in a bathtub or shower, so you can have a better experience. (Only the bullet vibrator is waterproof, the remote control is not)

Recommended product links:

5.Wearable vibrator

Wearable vibrator

This is a wearable double-action vibrator that stimulates the G-spot and massages the clitoris in a unique design with the highest level of safety and satisfaction in ergonomic design.

This wearable vibrator has a uniquely rugged design that is ideal for vaginal structures, and every vibration stimulates your sensitive area. Absolutely you will love it, thanks to its ergonomic shape and smooth surface, the toy can be gently introduced into the female secret area, while the surface of the clitoris massage device with increased vibration particles and thread design increases friction and promotes stimulation. There are two motor designs, one to stimulate the clitoris, and the other to massage the vagina. Double stimulation brings you unprecedented happiness.

100% waterproof design Because the USB charging port is hidden by silicone seal, 100% silicone waterproof — you can enjoy a massage in a bath, shower, whirlpool or any place you want. Medical silicone material, soft and skin-friendly, easy to clean, safe and reliable.

The two motors of the wearable vibrator have 10 vibration modes. Simply change the vibration frequency via the power button on the device or the “+” or “-” on the remote control. Remote control and distance up to 25 meters, and easy to carry can be hidden in underwear, and can be worn in a variety of occasions, such as a part of the body. Imagine how exciting and exciting it is to shop, watch a movie or use it on a certain occasion! With a silent mode, you should not be able to hear what you can enjoy.

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The recommended five female masturbation devices are popular in the market and are suitable for novices, but they do not represent the market for all masturbation devices. After all, masturbation devices are too many types. I hope that through these recommended masturbation devices, you will have a basic understanding of the masturbation device. Have your own ideas and concepts for choosing sex toys.

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Shibari Advanced Personal Lubricant, Waterborne Lubricant

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Lubricant is easy to enter and can prevent skin damage. I personally think that this is a must.

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